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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 3, Number 15

For the week ending April 16, 2004

(For Internal Use Only)





Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 1-02, Change 1

Subject: Labor Exchange Performance and Reporting: Corrections to ET Handbook No. 406 (ETA 9002 and VETS 200 Reports); Data Validation; Customer Satisfaction; and Program Year (PY) 2003 GPRA Goals

Purpose: To inform the workforce investment system of changes and edits to the ET 406 Handbook and to announce the availability of version 1.7 of the Labor Exchange Reporting System (LERS) report validation software.
Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.cfm?DOCN=1562


Events Upcoming ETA Meeting/Events



The final PY02 WIASRD is available. Additionally, a number of requests for the raw data have been received. In order to address privacy and confidentiality concerns regarding this data, ETA is providing a public use file that includes an age at registration rather than birth date variable, and that excludes exiter information from local areas with 50 or fewer exiters. This public use file will be the information source behind the Federal Research and Evaluation Database (FRED) www.fred-info.org and will be distributed as requested. Various researchers and individuals representing FutureWorks, the Urban Institute, the Center for Law and Social Policy, and the Congressional Research Service have requested and will receive the data. ETA employees interested in gaining access to an "ETA-only" FRED site, which contains the complete database, should contact Amanda Ahlstrand at (202-693-3052; ahlstrand.amanda@dol.gov).

Bi-regional State Financial Managers Roundtable Forum

On April 27-29, 2004, the Dallas/Denver Regional Office and the Chicago/Kansas City Regional Office will hold a Bi-regional State Financial Managers Roundtable Forum in San Antonio, Texas. The forum is designed to provide the twenty-one States in the two Regions the opportunity to share ideas and information on managing Workforce programs as well as receiving current financial information from ETA on topics suggested by the States. More than 50 key State Financial staff have registered for the Forum. Contact: John Allen (allen.john@dol.gov; 214-767-4961)

Toll Free Help Line

DOL’s Assistant Secretary for Policy and Datatrac Information Services, Inc., conducted a customer survey of the ETA Help Line, 1-877-US2-JOBS. Over 85% were able to get the information or referral needed on one call (another 13% got information but found they needed to contact another DOL office), nearly 97% found the customer service representative pleasant and courteous, and nearly 89% rated the CSRs very knowledgeable. This is truly outstanding considering the depth and breadth of the information contained in the database. 577 callers were queried from March 12 to March 18, 2004. Fourteen percent identified themselves as employers, 61% as employees/workers and 24% as others. Contact: Judie Silcox at silcox.judie@dol.gov; 202-693-3360).

Asian Pacific American Federal Career Advancement Summit

On May 10, 2004, U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao, in partnership with Director Kay Coles James of the Office of Personnel Management, will host the third annual Asian Pacific American Federal Career Advancement Summit at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. The Summit, the first of its kind, was developed in 2002 to address the shortage of Asian Pacific Americans in senior executive and management positions in the federal government. The Summit focuses on providing management insights, skills training and other career opportunities to help Asian Pacific American government employees maximize their potential. Contact: http://www.apasummit.gov/

Construction Industry Executive Forum – Construction of Buildings

Assistant Secretary DeRocco conducted the first Construction Industry Executive Forum on April 5th. The forum, held in Washington, D.C., focused on the workforce challenges experienced by employers involved in the construction of buildings. Employer members and staff from the National Association of Home Builders, Associated General Contractors of America, Associated Builders and Contractors, National Electrical Contractors Association, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association, Mechanical Contractors Association of America, National Roofing Contractors Association, and Independent Electrical Contractors participated in the meeting. Employers that participated in the forum included LA Downey and Son, Inc., Zachry Construction Corporation, Conine Residential Group, Inc., and Climate Engineers, Inc. Contact: Tom Hooper (hooper.thomas@dol.gov; 202-693-3949)


On April 6, BRG, Office of National Response Rapid Response Division, and the Office of Workforce Investment, One-Stop Division met with Gateway to discuss how we could quickly connect their 2,500 front-line dislocated workers to the public workforce system prior to the April 9th closures. Gateway prepared information packets for all 2,500 impacted employees, which include descriptions of One-Stop Career Center services. Additionally, the dislocated workers are being directed to their nearest One-Stop via the Toll-Free Help Line and America’s Service Locator. Contact: Jen Troke (troke.jennifer@dol.gov; 202-693-3688)

Department Announces Additional High Growth Job Training Initiative Health Care Grants

DOL has announced the recipients of $13.5 million in High Growth Job Training grants to help prepare workers for skilled jobs in the health-care industry. The grants announced are part of a new $24.3 million Health Care Initiative that Secretary Chao kicked off last month in Baltimore, Maryland. Health care is the first industry for which solutions have been developed and announced under the President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative. Contact: http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/opa/OPA2004655.htm