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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 3, Number 1

For the week ending December 26, 2003

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Contact: Ronald Wilus (wilus.ronald@dol.gov; 202-693-2931)

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW) Dialogues.

The National Association of Workforce Boards is piloting the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW) Dialogues. The purpose of the dialogues is to design a model of integrated strategic planning between MSFW grantees and local workforce boards that will result in an increase in the availability of mainstream labor market opportunities for MSFWs provided through the One-Stop System. ONP has initiated discussions with the Office of Field Operations about dates and sites for three dialogues, tentatively set for January 29 in California, February 19 in Texas, and March 25 in Pennsylvania. Contact: Gloria Salas-Kos (salas-kos.gloria@dol.gov; 202-693-3596)

Manufacturing Associations Meeting

On December 15, the BRG convened a meeting of several leading manufacturing trade associations with the purpose of identifying and analyzing the critical industry-wide workforce challenges. Specifically, the meeting included representatives of the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing, National Institute for Metalworking Skills, and the Association for Manufacturing Technology. Along with the workforce challenges, the meeting also solicited the associationsí perspectives on potential solutions that might achieve wide consensus and could be implemented expeditiously. Among the primary challenges that were discussed, the association representatives highlighted the negative public perceptions of the industry, the increasing impact of a foreign-born workforce, the necessity for workers to poses basic skills, and the need to build connections between small businesses, training providers, and the public workforce system. Contact: Michael Jaffe (jaffe.michael@dol.gov; 202-693-3340)