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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 2, Number 43

For the week ending November 14, 2003

(For Internal Use Only)





Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 13-03

Subject: Instructions and Guidelines for the Annual Summary Report of Services provided to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFWs)

Purpose: To transmit guidelines for the preparation and submission of the Annual Summary Report of Services provided to MSFWs.

Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.cfm?DOCN=1522

Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 11-02, Change 1

Subject: Change 1 to the Operating Instructions for Implementing the Amendments to the Trade Act of 1974 Enacted by the Trade Act of 2002

Purpose: To provide guidance to State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) on training deadlines, issuing waivers to the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program training requirements, and additional information on implementing the TAA Reform Act of 2002.

Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.cfm?DOCN=1523

Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 14-03

Subject: Performance Reporting Submission Procedures for the Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD) and the Annual Report under Title 1B of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

Purpose: To transmit guidance and instructions for submitting WIA Annual Reports and the WIASRD for Program Year 2002 (July 1, 2002, through June 30, 2003) as required under the Act. To inform the system of adjustments to the Program Year 2003 reporting cycle.

Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.cfm?DOCN=1526

Disability Program Navigator Initiative

ONP’s Division of Disability and Workforce Programs, in conjunction with the Social Security Administration (SSA), presented a four-day training conference for their jointly funded Disability Program Navigator initiative. Nearly 300 Navigators and other One-Stop staff from across the country were in attendance. The training covered a comprehensive number of cross-cutting legislative and program areas, including programs administered by ODEP (Job Accommodation Network and National Center on Workforce and Disability). Other workshops and plenary sessions featured the WIA Section 188 Checklist; SSA’s work incentives, including the Ticket-to-Work; the Department of Education’s Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) programs; ETA’s Business Relations Group’s initiatives; and the Department of Transportation’s programs for those with disabilities.


Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events



National Emergency Grants (NEG)

Contact: George Shepard (202-693-3572; shepard.george@dol.gov)

One-Stop Career Centers Servicing the Apprenticeship Community

On November 4 - 5, OATELS hosted a second meeting with several State Apprenticeship Council (SAC) states and their Workforce Investment System (WIA) representatives to continue the dialogue to discuss ways to improve existing services and better link apprenticeship information within the WIA. As a result, opportunities and common challenges were identified. Staff from One-Stop Operations and ATELS Offices addressed the group and gathered feedback on how the One-Stop and WIA system can work better together to address performance indicators. The feedback gained from the dialogue will be used to develop a working document to address program expectations of the One-Stop Career Centers in servicing the apprenticeship community. Contact: Don Palmer (202-693-3793; palmer.don@dol.gov) or Chris Kulick (202-693-3045; kulick.christine@dol.gov)

Youth Resources Connection Newsletter

The Youth Resources Connection newsletter for November 7, 2003, has useful information on grant opportunities, new publications, and helpful Web sites.
Contact: http://www.doleta.gov/youth_services/html/YRCNov7_03.htm

New Website Finds Federal Grant Opportunities

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services recently launched a website which allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies. Contact: http://www.grants.gov.

Guidebook for Businesses on Employment of People with Disabilities

The Department of Education and the U.S. Chambers of Commerce released a guidebook to acquaint business leaders with programs and resources available to assist them in hiring people with disabilities. "Disability Employment 101: Learn to Tap Your ‘HIRE’ Potential" contains information about how to find qualified workers with disabilities and how to model what businesses have done to successfully integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce. Some quick facts:

Contact: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/products/employmentguide.

Promising Practices for Helping Low Income Youth Obtain and Retain Jobs

Abt Associates, Inc. developed a "Guide for Practitioners" who serve economically disadvantaged youth. Experience has shown one of the best ways to encourage youth to become productive members of their communities is to help them prepare for, obtain and retain meaningful employment. The assessment of promising practices is based upon lessons learned through three distinct kinds of programs: (1) the NASCC-run, Department of Labor-funded Welfare-to-Work Project, an initiative run at several local corps geared to help TANF recipients and TANF-eligible youth transition out of poverty and into the workforce, (2) other welfare- to-work programs, and (3) other youth service programs. The lessons learned are particularly applicable to youth community service programs. Contact: http://www.abtassociates.com/reports/nascc_guidebook.pdf

Tiger Woods Foundation Funds Projects for Underserved Youth

The Tiger Woods Foundation funds organizations, programs and projects, primarily based in urban American cities, that provide services to underserved youth and families in the areas of education, youth development, parenting, and family health and welfare. Contact: www.twfound.org

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Funds Research Projects

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services will award 30 grants to organizations that assist individuals with disabilities. $4.5 million is available for state, public/private agencies, including higher education institutions and tribes to develop new methods to promote employment and improve services to the disabled population under the Rehabilitative Act of 1973. Contact: Donna Nangle at 202-205-4475 or http://www.ed.gov/fund/grant/apply/nidrr/index.html

The Allen Foundation Accepts Applications for Healthy Habitat Grants

The Allen Foundation is accepting applications for grants that fund education, training, and research programs that serve youth. Deadline: December 31. Contact: http://www.allenfoundation.org

National Endowment of the Humanities Funds Reading Programs

The National Endowment of the Humanities in collaboration with the American Library Association will initiate a program, entitled "We the People" to encourage youth to read while exploring themes in American history. Grants will be awarded to at least five hundred libraries across the nation. Contact: http://www.wethepeople.gov

Home Depot Foundation Funds Projects for At-Risk Youth

Home Depot offers grants to organizations that provide leadership skill training through community engagement and job readiness training projects for youth ages 12-18. Organizations with 501(c) (3) status are eligible to apply. Deadline: January 13, 2004. Contact: http://www.homedepotfoundation.org/hdfoundation.html.