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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 2, Number 28

For the week ending July 25, 2003

(For Internal Use Only)

Training and Technical Assistance

Multi-Regional Native American Employment and Training Conference

The 2003 Annual East/Midwest Multi-Regional Native American Employment and Training Conference will be held at the New Orleans Marriott from September 22-26. Key topics include WIA Reauthorization, Implementation of OMB Common Measures/Data Validation, case management, management information systems/intake, BearTracks financial and program on-line reporting, and youth initiatives. There will also be workshops for new Directors. Over 300-400 attendees from tribes, non-profit organizations and consortia serving Native Americans throughout the Midwest and East are expected to attend. Contact: Athena Brown (202-693-3737; brown.athea@dol.gov)


Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


State Plans

Modification of Nebraska's State Plan

Nebraska has submited a request to revise its Stand-Alone Plan.
Regional Office Contact: Hal Tyson (tyson.hal@dol.gov; 816-502-9032)
National Office Contact: Dick Ensor (ensor.richard@dol.gov; 202-693-2792)



Disability Program Navigator Initiative

A State Project Director’s meeting for the Disability Program Navigator initiative will be held on August 4 and 5 in Washington, D.C., to establish training and evaluation plans and provide orientation on the scope and vision of this project. Contact: Alex Kielty (202-693-3730; kielty.alexandra@dol.gov)

Disability Program Navigator Grants

Recently ETA and the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced their joint collaboration to support a new position, the Disability Program Navigator, in One-Stop Career Centers as part of a pilot demonstration initiative. ONP’s Division of Disability and Workforce Programs, with input from SSA, entered into grant agreements totaling $6 million with 14 states where SSA is already piloting employment support initiatives: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Vermont, and Wisconsin. These grant funds will support approximately 110 Disability Program Navigators across the 14 states for a two year period. The first Navigators are expected to be hired at the state or local level within the next few months. ETA and SSA plan ongoing technical assistance for this systems-changing project, including a state project directors meeting in the first week of August, and a three-day Navigator Training Conference in early November. Contact: Alex Kielty (202-693-3730; kielty.alexandra@dol.gov)

National Emergency Grant (NEG) End-of-Year Summary

During Program Year 2002, a total of 129 National Emergency Grants were awarded in excess of $256 million. Of the 129 grants funded, 56 were in response to natural disasters, September 11, 2001 related activities, and Trade Adjustment Assistance dual enrollment requests. The balance (73) was in response to layoffs triggered by general economic decline experienced by multiple companies in a variety of industries, nationwide. The number of grants funded for PY 2002 represents an increase of more than 50 percent compared to PY 2001 (84 grants).

National Emergency Grants (NEG)

Contact: George Shepard (202-693-3572; shepard.george@dol.gov)