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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 2, Number 21

For the week ending May 30, 2003

(For Internal Use Only)




Training and Employment Guidance Letter Number 14-02

Subject:   Data Validation Initiative

Purpose:   To inform the workforce investment system of the data validation initiative for employment and training programs.

Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.asp?DOCN=1487

Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


Trade/NAFTA/Dislocated Worker Roundtable

UI and OAS will jointly host a Trade/NAFTA/Dislocated Worker Roundtable Conference on June 30–July 2, 2003 in Baltimore, MD. Discussion topics include: Health Coverage Tax Credit program (particularly the “bridge” and the NEGs for the infrastructure); the new NEG guidelines; and the integration of trade and dislocated worker services.
Contact: Kit Donahue (215-861-5221; donahue.kit@dol.gov) or Rosemary Williams-Raysor (215-861-5239; williams-raysor@dol.gov)

Tech-Prep Grant Availability

The Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education is now accepting applications for the FY 2003 Tech Prep Demonstration Program (TPDP) grant competition. The TPDP Program provides grants to enable consortia to carry out tech-prep education projects authorized by section 207 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 (Perkins III). The projects involve the location of a secondary school on the site of a community college, a business as a member of the consortium, and the voluntary participation of secondary school students. Following an initial recruitment period, funded projects would enroll a new student cohort in each year of the project, in addition to continuing support for each previous TPDP student cohort. To be eligible for funding under the TPDP, applicants must submit a signed consortium agreement to provide evidence that each of the three required categories of membership has been satisfied. Eligible consortia seeking to apply for funds should also read and follow the regulations in 34 CFR 75.127-75.129, which apply to group applications. The deadline is June 26.
Contact: http://www.ed.gov/offices/OVAE/CTE/tprepdemo1.html


WIA Appeals

On June 2, the Division of One-Stop Operations convened a meeting/conference call to discuss the WIA appeals process and procedures. The meeting clarified the roles and responsibilities of the various offices in the appeals process and the statutory deadlines for the various types of appeals. Participants at the meeting included the Regional Office Appeals Liaisons and their alternates, as well as staff from the Solicitor’s Office, Civil Rights Center, Office of Field Operations, Performance and Results, Employment Service, Adults and Dislocated Workers and Youth Services.
Contact: Dolores Beran-Hall (202-693-2794; beran-hall.dolores@dol.gov)

Customized Employment Grant Initiative: Funding Opportunities for Local Boards

The Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) announces the availability of $2.5 million to award up to five competitive grants ranging from approximately $500,000 to $750,000 for strategic planning and implementation activities designed to improve the employment and career advancement of people with disabilities through enhanced availability and provision of customized employment services through the One-Stop delivery system established under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.

The purpose of this Customized Employment Grant Initiative is to provide funds to selected Local Workforce Investment Boards (Local Boards), or, if appropriate, the WIA grant recipient or fiscal agent for the local area on behalf of the Local Board. The Local Board will be the lead entity in a consortium/partnership of public and private entities, to build the capacity in local One-Stop Centers to provide customized employment services to those persons with disabilities who may not now be regularly targeted for services by the One-Stop Center system. Grants funded under this program will also provide a vehicle for Local Boards to systemically review their policies and practices in terms of service to persons with disabilities, and to incorporate new and innovative practices, as appropriate.

Contact: http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/14mar20010800/edocket.access.gpo.gov/2003/pdf/03-14350.pdf

Program Year 2002 Incentive Grants

A Federal Register notice announcing the 16 states eligible to apply for Program Year 2002 incentive grants, based on Program Year 2001 performance, was published on May 13th. A TEGL with application instructions was published on May 12th. Applications are due no later than Friday, June 27, and grants must be awarded by Monday, June 30.
Contact: Amanda Ahlstrand (202-693-3052; ahlstrand.amanda@dol.gov)

Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD)

The Program Year 2001 WIASRD is now available to internal and external audiences. PRO has provided the data to the Office of Policy Development, Evaluation and Research, organizations working with the Adult and Youth Program offices, the General Accounting Office, and the Congressional Research Service.
Contact: http://www.doleta.gov/usworkforce/asp/performance.asp

National Emergency Grants (NEG)