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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 2, Number 13

For the week ending March 28, 2003

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Contact: Dennis Nutt (202-693-3357; nutt.dennis@dol.gov)


Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

In accordance with the IRS reporting requirements, all State Workforce Agencies have issued IRS Form 8887 to individuals potentially eligible for the tax credit for December 2002. Eligible individuals will use this information to claim the credit when filing their 2002 tax return. The Form 8887 was to be mailed out by February 18, 2003; two states reported that forms were mailed out on February 19, due to the snowstorms. The initial set of forms that were mailed out by Oregon incorrectly showed the information to be applicable for 2003, but corrected forms have been reissued. Contact: Betty Castillo (202-693-3209; castillo.betty@doleta.gov)

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Final Rule

The DUA Final Rule was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, March 6, 2003, within one week of the expected date. The rule clarifies eligibility for DUA by defining unemployment as a direct result of the disaster. An interim final rule was published on November 13, 2001, in response to the major disasters declared as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Only minor changes have been made in the final rule, in response to public comments. The PPB approved the final rule prior to submittal to OMB, and OMB approved the final rule on January 17, 2003, after requesting one minor edit. Contact: Betty Castillo (202-693-3209; castillo.betty@doleta.gov)

GAO Activities

Funding Formulas - GAO plans to release an interim report on WIA funding formulas the first week in April for technical comment (GAO Job Code 130224). A briefing was held in which GAO identified three key findings:

Contact: Sandra Johnson (202-693-3735; johnson.sandra@doleta.gov)

National Emergency Grants (NEG)

Guam. Awarded up to $10,000,000, with $5,000,000 released immediately, to provide temporary jobs to assist in the clean up and restoration activities as a result of the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Pongsona.

Wisconsin. Awarded up to $1.2 million, with $635,000 will be released immediately, to aid over 400 workers who have been laid off from multiple companies in the Milwaukee and Southeastern area of Wisconsin.

System Building NEGs. The following States were approved for NEG funds to develop an infrastructure in the State to make health insurance benefits available for eligible individuals and to certify individuals potentially eligible for the health coverage tax credit: Texas ($200,000), Montana ($19,820), Alabama ($55,206), New Hampshire ($150,000) and Maine ($136,853). Contact: George Shepard (202-693-3572; shepard.george@doleta.gov)