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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 81

For the week ending December 27, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)




TEGL No. 16-02

Subject: Health Insurance Tax Credit for Eligible Trade Adjustment Assistance Recipients

Purpose: To notify State Workforce Liaisons and One-Stop Center System Managers of a draft notice that will be sent to potentially eligible TAA recipients pursuant to Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL) No. 05-03 to advise them of the health insurance tax credit and the related requirements.

Contact: http://wdr.doleta.gov/directives/corr_doc.asp?DOCN=1441


HUD Grants to Support Job Training in Communities

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced more than $1.1 billion to fund thousands of local housing and service programs around the country. Two types of grants will be awarded:

Contact: http://www.hud.gov/news/index.cfm

Brownfields Job Training Grants

The Environmental Protection Agency has extended the deadline to February 14, 2003 for submission of proposals under its National Brownfields Job Training Grants competition. The original submission deadline was January 24, 2003. Contact: http://www.epa.gov/swerosps/bf/pilot.htm


SSA's Ticket- to-Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel

The Social Security Administration will host a Ticket-to-Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel Teleconference on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 (1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time).

This teleconference meeting is open to the public. Interested parties is invited to participate by calling into the teleconference. Public testimony will not be taken.

Call-in number: 877-917-1549
Pass code: PANEL
Leader/Host: Sarah Wiggins Mitchell
The Panel will deliberate on the implementation of TWWIIA and conduct Panel business. The Panel will address follow-up items from their November 2002 quarterly meeting, including a discussion of avenues to improve recruitment and retention of Employment Networks. The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the website http://www.ssa.gov/work/panel/ one week prior to the teleconference.


The Labor Department in conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget announced the addition of 68 federal benefit programs to GovBenefits.gov -- the website was developed to serve as a one-stop resource for government benefit eligibility information. This addition brings the total number of programs featured on the website site to 200, representing approximately $1.3 trillion in annual benefit dollars.
Contact: http://www.govbenefits.gov/GovBenefits/jsp/GovBenefits.jsp

Labor Market Information

The General Accounting Office (GAO) report - LABOR MARKET INFORMATION: Trends and Issues in Funding of State Programs - is now available on-line. GAO focused its investigative work on the Covered Employment and Wages (referred to as the ES-202 program) and the Current Employment Statistics (CES) programs. Both the ES-202 and CES programs produce data on employment, such as numbers of employees and average wages by industry, but with key differences. The ES-202 program produces data quarterly based on its file on about 8 million business establishments, covering most employment in the United States. The CES program produces more timely data (monthly) based on a survey of about 350,000 business establishments. The ES-202 and CES programs are linked because the CES survey sample is selected from the ES-202 file and the CES estimates are adjusted ("benchmarked") by the ES-202 data. Data from these programs greatly affect the distribution of billions of federal dollars to states and local entities. Contact: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d03336.pdf