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Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 74

For the week ending November 1, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)



WIA Reauthorization

A dialogue between ETA and the National Farmworker Jobs Program grantees has produced seven small workgroups for developing proposals for WIA reauthorization. These proposals are designed to improve One-stop services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Group leaders will submit their proposals this week to ETA and Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) leadership.
Contact Alicia Fernandez-Mott (202-693-3729; afernandez@doleta.gov)

Technical Assistance and Training

Work Opportunity & Welfare-to-Work Tax Credits National Training Conference WOTC/WTWTC

The WOTC/WtWTC National Training Conference was held in Orlando, Florida on October 28-31. Over 160 people participated including: representatives from almost every state; several ETA regional office Tax Credit coordinators; business representatives from many of the top consulting firms; representative from federal partner agencies which included IRS, HUD, Social Security, USDA, VETS; and the ETA Solicitors Office.
Contact: Carmen Ortiz (202-693-2786; cortiz@doleta.gov)

Trade Program Training

Five training sessions on the provisions of the Trade Act of 2002 have been successfully completed. Sessions were held in Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston. Each session was attended by approximately 100 participants. Attendees included state and regional Trade coordinators, state dislocated worker unit staff, state rapid response officials, and representatives of labor unions. In addition, PWBA was represented at each session. Each attendee was provided with a training manual for their use in providing subsequent training. An electronic version of the training materials is being finalized and will be provided to the regional offices for distribution to the states in the near future. Additional training sessions for labor organizations and business groups are in development.
Contact: Curtis Kooser (202- 693-3569; ckooser@doleta.gov)

Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


ATELS and GSA Partnership

On November 4, 2002, the General Services Administration (GSA) introduced a pilot project to encourage registered apprenticeship programs in GSA construction projects at its pre-proposal conference and site visit for the new National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NOAA/NESDIS) Satellite Operations Center at the Suitland Federal Center, Suitland, Maryland. The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the NOAA/NESDIS project marked the first GSA solicitation to award numeric value to proposals that include a written registered apprenticeship program. Members of ATELS serve as Registered Apprenticeship Panelists. Over 60 potential bidders were in attendance to receive project details and information about registered apprenticeship.

The following is an excerpt from the RFP, Part IV, Instructions, Conditions and Notices to Offerors. To view the entire solicitation contact: http://www.fedbizopps.gov/. Click on “Find Business Opportunities” and enter the Solicitation No. GS11P02MKC0055.

C. Labor/Trade Plan. Relative Weight=5

Submittal Required by Offeror:
Provide a Labor/Trade Plan, detailing the following:

  1. Trades to be subcontracted and those to be self-performed.
  2. Percentage of trades (subcontractors) to be awarded to entities using registered apprenticeship programs (If the general contractor is self-performing trades, identify this information as it applies to such trades (See Section H).
  3. Target number of apprentices (see Section H) to be employed under this contract. Include plan regarding recruitment and training strategies.
  4. New apprenticeship programs to be initiated as a result of this contract.
  5. Safety Training Program. Provide a complete list of specific training courses and requirements to be utilized by the contractor and major trade contractors or subcontractors. Provide for each contractor or subcontractor, the following information regarding any safety training provided for supervision and craft labor employees: (a) how much time approximately does each company devote to safety training, (b) what steps are taken to ensure that safety training is conducted in an effective manner.

Contact: Joseph Jenkins (202-693-3781; jjenkins@doleta.gov)

ETA and SSA Interagency Collaboration

ETA/ONP is moving forward to implement the DOL/Social Security Administration (SSA) Interagency Agreement to conduct a pilot demonstration establishing Disability Program Navigators in One-Stop Career Centers. The two agencies are jointly funding this demonstration program with $6 million in Program Year (PY) 2002 and $12 million in PY 2003 made available to states. Approximately 80-100 Navigator positions will be established in the 13 Phase I Ticket- to- Work States in PY 2003. The states are Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon.

Navigators will conduct outreach to the disability community and organizations that serve it, provide expertise and information on SSA work incentives and employment support programs, provide assistance on "navigating" through the variety of programs and services that impact employment (e.g., transportation, housing, health care, etc.), and serve as a resource to other One-Stop Career Center staff. Proposals will be requested from the 13 State Workforce Investment Boards and State Department of Labor agencies. ETA will be working with SSA to finalize the grant solicitation, with expectations for execution of grant agreements with states in early 2003.
Contact: Alex Kielty (202-693-3730; akielty@doleta.gov)


Final Determinations

On October 28, the Grant Officer issued a Final Determination that allowed all of the auditors' $166,035 in questioned costs in the Government of Guam Single Audit Report. The grantee provided documentation that was sufficient for the allowance.
Contact: Jaime Salgado (202-693-3083; jsalgado@doleta.gov)

On October 30, the Grant Officer issued a Final Determination that disallowed and subjected to debt collection all of the auditors' $86,519 in questioned costs identified in the OIG Audit Report of the Community and Economic Development Association Welfare-to-Work, Chicago, IL.
Contact: Jaime Salgado (202-693-3083; jsalgado@doleta.gov)

National Emergency Grants (NEG)

Contact: George Shepard (202-693-3572; gshepard@doleta.gov)