Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 68

For the week ending September 20, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)



Reauthorization of Perkins and WIA Title II

The Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education has announced October 15 and October 25 public meetings to gather comments on the reauthorization of Perkins and WIA Title II. The sessions will be held in Nashua, New Hampshire and Santa Clarita, California.

Unemployment Insurance/Employment Services (UI/ES) Reforms

The Department of Labor has transmitted a legislative package to Congress proposing major reform of the nation's unemployment insurance (UI) and employment service (ES) programs to promote economic growth, enhance flexibility, and strengthen the critical services that States provide to America's workers and businesses. The legislative package would make UI and ES programs more responsive to the needs of workers and businesses by:


TEN 4-02

TEN 4-02 ("Workforce Investment System Initiative In Support of Homeland Security As It Relates to the Federalization of the Nation's Airports" is now available. The purpose of the TEN is to inform the Workforce Investment System and its service providers of the roles and responsibilities involved in responding to the statutorily mandated federalization of airport security. The federal government anticipates that the number of layoffs of current screeners is likely to be substantial, especially in larger airports.

Technical Assistance and Training

Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act-- "Summary Package" and "Questions and Answers"

President Bush signed into law the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act of 2002 (TAA Reform Act) on August 6, 2002. It reauthorizes the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program through fiscal year 2007, and amends and adds provisions to the TAA program, many of which apply to TAA petitions received on or after November 4, 2002.

The Employment and Training Administration has developed a number of summary materials and "questions and answers" on this legislation for the workforce development community.


Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


National Emergency Grants (NEG) Program
A draft Federal Register Notice has been prepared to transmit revised application guidance for the National Emergency Grants. The guidance also includes, as one of the four categories for which NEG funds are available, the interim health care program authorized under the Trade Act of 2002. The draft Notice is a product of the task group (including SOL staff), which has been focused on implementation of the new NEG health care initiative and reengineering of the overall process, including the use of technology in the receipt and processing of NEG requests. In addition, guidance has been developed which will serve, in the interim, to provide instructions for States on accessing NEG resources to set up administrative infrastructure to administer their responsibilities under the health care provisions established by the Trade Reform Act of 2002.

A draft of administrative guidance to the State workforce investment system on accessing NEG funds to administer the new health care provisions under the Trade Reform Act of 2002 has also been completed. The draft Federal Register Notice and the administrative guidance for the NEG health care program will be going into the ETA clearance process shortly.
Contact: : George Shephard (202-693-3572; )

Electronic Tools
Several new modules of the Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS) web-based e-grant systems for program reporting, grant application, and application scoring and tracking, have been completed. These systems are ready for the 9/30/2002 reporting period.

Contact: David Wilson (202-693-3493; )