Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 50

April 26, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)



Incentive Grants
The FEDERAL REGISTER Notice announcing the states eligible to apply for WIA incentive grants was published in the Federal Register May 2nd. In order to be eligible to apply, states are required to have exceeded the established performance levels for the WIA Title I, Adult Education and Vocational Education programs. Contact: Christine Kulick (202-693-3937; .

TEGL No. 20-01
On April 30, ETA published The Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 20-01: Application Process for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Section 503 Incentive Grants, Program Year 2000 Performance. The purpose of the guidance letter is to outline the procedures states should follow to apply for WIA Section 503 Incentive Grants. Contact: Christine Kulick (202-693-3937; )

Core Indicators of Performance
The FM providing guidance for regional offices in the renegotiation of core indicators of performance has been prepared for signature. The field memorandum is based upon the guidance provided in TEGL 11-01. Contact: Christine Kulick (202-693-3937;

The next policy meeting is scheduled for May 14, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST Contact : Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;

Technical Assistance and Training

ETA ES Handbook No. 406
OMB approved the ETA ES Handbook No. 406 until 4/30/05. This handbook is the source document for the ET 9002 A-E and VETS 200 A-C reports of Labor Exchange Services and outcomes. This Handbook will be posted on the web at Select the ETA HB #406 hyperlink on the right side frame.

Training for implementation of the Individual Training Account (ITA)
On April 23-25, training was given to the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County local boards to implement the experiment's three distinct ITA approaches. (The pilot site in Des Plaines, IL received training last November. Other local boards in NC and GA received training earlier in April) . Given the flexibility provided by WIA, the experiment is intended to provide state and local officials with process and outcome information so that they can determine how to administer ITAs more effectively to their customers.
Contact: Wayne Gordon (202-693-3179;


Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events



GovBenefits website

Deputy Secretary of Labor Cameron Findlay, along with Office of Management and Budget Associate Director for Information Technology and E-Government Mark Forman and other federal government officials, officially launched the GovBenefits website on Monday, April 29. The website brings together information on services and benefits from across the federal government and makes them more accessible and easier to understand. Contact:

AFL-CIO Working for America Institute Conference

Deputy Assistant Secretary David Dye and One-Stop Division Chief Maria Kniesler-Flynn led the session "Ask DOL" at the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute Conference in Philadelphia on April 22. This plenary session gave conference participants a chance to ask ETA leadership about the issues on WIA Reauthorization, the size and composition of State and Local Boards, the Reed Act and Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker funding. The 2-1/2 day conference attracted 300 union leaders and training program managers. Contact: Laura Ginsburg (202-693-2803;

People, Jobs and Transportation: Mobility Management Conference

The U.S. Department of Labor (Disability Policy Unit), Federal Transit Administration, Community Transportation Association of America and the American Public Transit Association are sponsoring: People, Jobs and Transportation: Mobility Management Conference Monday, May 20 - Tuesday, May 21, Austin, Texas

Partners in the workforce development, welfare-to-work and employment transportation arenas will explore the current models and future possibilities for facilitating the mobility of One-Stop participants, people with disabilities, welfare recipients, dislocated workers and residents of low-income communities. For more information contact: or


Performance Measures

USES, in partnership with the Labor Exchange Performance Measurement Workgroup, will continue to develop tools and products supporting states' implementation of the measures and reporting features, including technical assistance around establishing expected levels of performance. The Labor Exchange and Veterans' Performance Measures Rollout Slide shows are posted on the web at

WIA Regional Forums

On April 22 in Worcester, MA, and on April 23 in Concord, NH, the Boston Regional Office hosted two successful regional public forums on WIA/TANF Reauthorization. Approximately 90 people attended the Massachusetts forum including representatives of business, labor, CBOs, community colleges, as well as various state and local workforce development professionals. The New Hampshire forum was also well attended, and provided a unique perspective from the smaller, more rural states in New England. Feedback from the Regional Forum evaluations was positive. Contacts: Holly O'Brien, Kerin Burke, or Heather Graham on 617-565-3630


The Performance Accountability Task Force has completed the WIA reporting package for OMB review. The current OMB approval of ETA's WIA reports expired April 20, 2002. OMB has sixty days to review the submission during which time ETA has authority to continue to receive reports.


The O*NET Consortium launched the Developer's Corner on the O*NET Web site. A major goal of the O*NET enterprise is to provide the O*NET database and various products including the O*NET career exploration tools to public and private application developers who build applications tailored for different customer communities. The Developer's Corner will make it easier for application developers to access and download updates of the database, documentation, and new products by organizing all of these materials in one place, along with any developer or user agreements that accompany the materials.
Contact: Jim Woods (202-693-3641; )

Faith-Based and Community-Based Solicitations

The ETA's Grants and Contracts Office has assembled the most frequently asked questions with their answers on the internet.

Veterans' Grant Competition

The U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS), has announced a grant competition for Veterans' Workforce Investment Program (VWIP), Section 168, Program Year 2002 competitive grants.

These grants are designed to assist eligible veterans who: have service-connected disabilities; served on active duty in the armed forces during a war, campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge was authorized; are recently separated veterans; and veterans with significant barriers to employment, by providing training, employment and supportive service assistance in areas of high demand occupations.

Under this solicitation announced in the April 29 FEDERAL REGISTER, VETS anticipates that up to $6,500,000 will be available for grant awards in Program Year 2002 and expects to award up to sixteen grants. Only one application will be accepted from each State's Governor.

Additional background, application requirements, submission instructions, and panel review criteria are contained in the April 29 FEDERAL REGISER. The application must be received by May 29, 2002. FEDERAL REGISTER information is available at: cid=02-10496-filed

Data Validation Pilots

ETA will soon begin the pilot testing the system and approach to data validation for state-level programs (WIA, Trade, and WtW formula) that has been developed by Mathematica Policy Research. OFAM has requested program office designees from Youth, OWS, Adult and Dislocated Worker for a committee to guide the development of policy and the federal role in data validation. The Committee will also include regional office staff when states are selected.

A formal agreement has been executed between ETA and the OIG under which the OIG will participate, in an advisory capacity, on the approach, technical aspects and Federal role contemplated. OFAM will schedule an organizational meeting of the committee on May 9 or 10. Contact: (Jim Aaron; 202-693-2814;

WIA Spending.

A meeting is scheduled during the week of April 29th with IG staff to further discuss their workplans. OFAM has reviewed the RFP used to select a contractor and will share concerns about their plan. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742; )