Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin
Volume 1, Number 47
April 5, 2002
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The next policy meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;

Technical Assistance and Training

Youth Offender Demonstration Project Technical Assistance Report On-Line

There is consensus among youth development experts that youth who come under court supervision have multiple issues that must be addressed in comprehensive and coordinated ways if they are to attain employment at wages that will sustain a constructive life path. The Employment and Training Administration, working with the Department of Justice/Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, developed a demonstration project that focused on providing such coordinated services for youth. Its goal was to help youth find employment that would reduce dependency and break the cycle of crime and recidivism. Contact:

Youth Opportunity Grants Leadership Institute, July 20-26, 2002, Leesburg, VA

Registration is now open to all youth service organizations and providers. The Institute will feature level-200 course series for both repeaters and first-time enrollees. Contact: Karen David (202-822-6725) or

Youth Resource Connections April 5th Issue and ListServ Subscription Available On-Line

Contact: To subscribe to the Youth Resource Connections ListServ, go to

Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


GAO Entrance Conference on WIA Expenditures

Staff conducted an entrance conference on WIA expenditures in which GAO noted their intention to look at whether Labor's data accurately reflects states available funds, how often and in what form Labor collects WIA spending information, and what data Labor uses to track expenditures and calculate expenditure rates. The GAO will be conducting a review over the next 2-3 months that will lead to a briefing report. Work will begin in Colorado and Washington.

The OIG was present at the entrance conference and is also reviewing WIA expenditures. The GAO and OIG are coordinating activities. Contact James Aaron (202-693-2814;

GAO Report on WIA Youth Provisions Available

The General Accounting Office (GAO) sent a report to Congress on April 5, 2002: "Workforce Investment Act: Youth Provisions Promote New Service Strategies, but Additional Guidance Would Enhance Program Development." The report covers: 1) Results in Brief; 2) Background; 3) WIA's Youth Provisions Implemented but Not without Some Challenges; 4) Educators Participated on Youth Council and Delivered Services but Remained Tentative Partners; 5) State and Local Factors Facilitated Implementation, but Some New Requirements Inhibited Service Delivery; 6) Conclusions; 7) Recommendations for Executive Action; and 8) Agency Comments and Our Evaluation. Contact:

New Report Cites Benefits of Linking Community Service to Academic Learning

"Learning In Deed: The Power of Service Learning for American Schools" has been released by the National Commission on Service-Learning. In the last decade, service-learning was spurred to new growth by congressional and presidential actions and funding. In increasing numbers, schools have provided service-learning opportunities for students that connect their curriculum studies to activities such as tutoring younger children, adopting a river, creating a museum exhibit, or conducting oral histories with senior citizens, activities in which youth have simultaneously learned to serve and served to learn, becoming both better students and better citizens. The full report is for policymakers, educators, and community leaders, and covers the potential of service-learning for increased academic and civic engagement, the breadth and impact of service-learning practice, and action steps to ensure that every child participates in quality service-learning every year as an integral and essential part of the American education experience. Contact: