Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin
Volume 1, Number 46
March 29, 2002
(For Internal Use Only)


The next policy meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;

Technical Assistance and Training

Transportation Coordination and Partnership Resources. The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) received a grant continuation for their "JobLinks Program" to provide technical assistance on linking dislocated workers and other and under-employed people to jobs by improving access to transportation services. Recently application forms were sent to all state and local Workforce Boards. Upon application approval, CTAA experts will provide on-site or off-site technical assistance, such as planning assistance for transportation coordination, mobility management services, marketing, transit service improvements and expansion, new system start-up, policy and procedure development, training, and problem solving. CTAA will also provide the Boards and members of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals a subscription to the Community Transportation magazine. The toolkit Linking People to the Workplace is still available free on the website and on CD-ROM. It features promising practices at state and local levels, information on how businesses can be employment transportation partners, tools for demonstrating transportation's key role in regional economic development, guide to federal funding sources, Web sites list, and more. CTAA's annual EXPO will be in Austin, Texas, May 19-24, and will feature several programs highlighting partnerships involving workforce development agencies. Contact: Carolyn Jeskey (202-624-1724) or Web site:

Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


America's Career InfoNet

America's Career InfoNet helps people make better, more informed career decisions. ACI can be used to:

Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

Mid-Year Program Review

OFAM conducted a meeting on Wednesday, April 3 with program office GPRA performance liaisons to review the process and requirements for the mid-year review. The Assistant Secretary has indicated that, at a minimum, the review will cover performance against FY 2002/PY 2001 performance goals, progress against the OMB Report Card (Presidents' Management Agenda) and the OMB program reviews.

A special Policy Council meeting will be scheduled to review overall agency performance.
Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

GAO Entrance Conference on WIA Expenditures

The entrance conference on WIA expenditures was held on Thursday, April 4. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

Agency Performance Management Task Force

The Assistant Secretary announced the creation of an ETA task force on fulfilling ETA's performance accountability responsibilities. Preliminary task analysis and development of work plans are underway. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;


Website Established for Transportation Security Employment Opportunities

As a result of the heightened security concerns, President Bush signed the Aviation and Transportation Security Act on November 19, 2001, making airport security a direct Federal responsibility. As a result, the Department of Transportation plans to hire a significant number of new Federal security screeners and Federal Air Marshals. Job seekers interested in US DOT Security Personnel positions can find information at the Transportation website. If access to a computer is unavailable, please contact (888) 328-6172 for inquiries on Security Screener and Law Enforcement employment. In the event that any interested job seeker has difficulty connecting by phone, an e-mail may be forwarded to for information regarding application procedures. Contact:

DOL Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives (CFBCI) Website Debuts

The Department's Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives (CFBCI) has introduced its new website. Local workforce leaders across the country will find easy access to outreach and guidance materials. The CFBCI has developed a number of "information kits" designed to educate faith-based and community organizations on ways they can partner with their Local Boards to meet the employment and training needs of their communities. These information kits can be downloaded or ordered on-line.

There is also a comprehensive listing of State and local workforce principals, a description of funding opportunities, and a compendium of other "on-line resources."