Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 45

March 22, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)


The next policy meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;

Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation (TEUC) Program

Final operating instructions via Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL) No. 17-02 were issued on March 19, for the Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation (TEUC) program. UIPL No. 18-02 was also issued on March 19, to provide a set of questions and answers to states to help explain the Department's interpretation of the TEUC Act as set forth in the operating instructions. About half of the state workforce agencies began paying benefits under the TEUC program last week, and by the end of this week, most of the states will be paying these benefits. The implementation of the TEUC program has continued to generate numerous questions, thus, a second set of questions and answers has been drafted and will be put into clearance this week. A "Change 1" to UIPL No. 18-02 will transmit the new set of questions and answers. Technical assistance continues to be provided through conference calls, e-mail and telephone conversations. The Unemployment Insurance Office is also preparing guidance on the Reed Act distribution. Contact: Mary Montgomery (202-693-3217;

Youth Resource Connections (March 22, 2002) Available Online.

The "Youth Resource Connections" has information about recent publications, current funding opportunities, and upcoming meetings and conferences. Contact:

Small Business Administration and My Own Business, Inc. Announce Online Entrepreneurship Course

The U.S. Small Business Administration and My Own Business, Inc. announced a joint effort to provide a free, comprehensive online entrepreneurship course for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The announcement was made at the Conference on Women Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, a two-day event in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Labor Department and the Public Forum Institute. The new course -- which will include audio sound bytes, quizzes, feedback and an online tool to create business plans -- will be added to SBA`s online classroom. Contact:

Youth Offender Grantees

A conference specifically for Youth Offender Grantees will be held at the New Orleans Marriott April 17 - 19, 2002. The conference is entitled "Sustaining Access to Employment for Youth Offenders and Youth at Risk of Court Involvement" and is sponsored by ETA (OPR) and the Dept of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice Programs. Contact: Allison Vitalo (202-693-3679;

TEGL 15-01: Revised and Expanded "Questions and Answers" on Welfare-to-Work

Through a Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL 15-01), ETA has transmitted a set of revised and expanded Welfare-to-Work (WtW) "Questions and Answers" to the field. The TEGL and "Questions and Answers" are now available for access on the Welfare-to-Work webpage (

Upcoming ETA Meetings/Events


Region's Interagency Summit on Positive Youth Development-Region II

OYS staff met with Federal partners in the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on March 21 to continue planning the Mid-Atlantic Region's Interagency Summit on Positive Youth Development. The June 27 plenary of the National Summit will be downlinked during the 1- day Philadelphia meeting that will be hosted by the DHHS Administration for Children and Families. OYS and State DHHS administrators will seek participation from State-level WIBs, Youth Councils, and State leaders of WIA/One-Stops and School-to-Career transition initiatives. Contact: Sharon Wellons (215-861-5529;

HUD Announces $2.2 Billion FY 2002 Super Notice Of Funding Availability, YouthBuild Slated for $59 Million.

In the FEDERAL REGISTER March 26, 2002, HUD announced the availability of $2.2 billion of grants-in-aid for 41 program categories. It includes Youthbuild "to assist disadvantaged young adults in distressed communities in completing their high school education, to provide on-site construction training experiences which also results in the rehabilitation or construction of housing for homeless persons and low- and very low-income families, to foster leadership skills, to further opportunities for placement in apprenticeship programs, and to promote economic self-sufficiency". Eligible applicants are public or private nonprofit agencies, including State or local housing agencies or authorities, State or units of local government, or any entity eligible to provide education and employment training under other Federal employment training programs, as further defined in HUD's regulation at 24 CFR 585.4. Approximately $59,750,000 is available for the YouthBuild Program awards. The application deadline is May 30, 2002. Contact:

HHS to Sponsor Interagency National Youth Summit June 26-28, 2002

This important event will feature prominent speakers from public and private sectors speaking on what young people need to develop into healthy adults. There will be workshops on four tracks: 1) Supportive Families and Communities; 2) Safe and Healthy Lives; 3) Economic Self-Sufficiency and Success; and 4) Settings and Opportunities for Development and Service. Youth; youth services workers; national, state and community leaders; research and educational organizations; federal, state and local government staff who focus on youth; and representatives from faith-based, community and national organizations are invited to attend. Web site:

$500 Honorariums Offered for Innovative Curricula Training Youth Workers

Under an ETA grant, the National Clearinghouse for Youth Development Practitioner Programs at the Sar Levitan Center, Johns Hopkins University, has launched a Search for Exemplary Curriculum to train youth workers in Core Skills, Workforce Development Skills, and Administrative Skills. Numerous organizations and community colleges have received requests asking them to submit relevant curriculum and give permission to make the curriculum available on the website for dissemination to local areas implementing Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Programs. The curriculum will soon be available in a searchable database on the website. Local areas looking for particular curriculum modules will be able to browse the database, find curriculum that meets their needs or fills a gap in their current curriculum, and download the information for use in their programs. Curriculum available in the database is not necessarily endorsed by the National Clearinghouse or the Department of Labor. Up to eighteen $500 honorariums will be awarded to organizations submitting the most innovative curriculum. Contact:


WIA Expenditures

A report showing total state expenditures through December 31, 2001 has been issued. The breakout by funding stream will follow next week. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742;

Data Validation

OFAM conducted a training session for interested ETA national office staff on ETA's data validation project. The meeting was introduced by David Dye and covered the basics of data validation and a presentation of the new ETA program data dictionary (can be found on the intranet under documents) which maps program data elements and performance definitions. After the meeting, individual sessions were held with state-based programs and grantee specific programs to develop piloting and roll-out strategies. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

GAO Studies

ETA received notice that the GAO will be conducting a study of WIA expenditures at the request of Senator Kennedy (Job Code 130139). The GAO will look at whether Labor's expenditure data accurately reflect states' available funds, how often and through what means Labor collects state WIA spending information, and what specific data Labor uses to track expenditures and calculate expenditure rates. An entrance conference is being scheduled. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

Upcoming New Release of America's Career InfoNet

The new release of the America's Career InfoNet web site ( is expected April 2002. Some of the major changes are: