Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 42

March 1, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)



The next policy meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;


Technical Assistance and Training

NAWDP Conference
The 13th Annual Conference of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 5-8, 2002. The conference is called "Discover the New World of Professionalism" and will highlight 125 workshops, plenaries, topic tables and exhibits on all aspects of the workforce investment system. Contact NAWDP at 202-887-6120 or


Upcoming ETA Meetings



WIA/TANF Reauthorization
The WIA Reauthorization Website is the place to learn about the latest developments about WIA Reauthorization and related issues. The page will feature links to policy issuances and legislative actions initiated by ETA and its partners and will include the schedule, as well as on-line registration capability, for the upcoming public forums to be held around the country.

You can also make your voice heard by posting to the public comment page; you can let the system know your opinions, concerns and ideas on WIA/TANF Reauthorization and join discussions about the issues that are raised. Contact:



Non-Registered Participants in WIA and Wagner-Peyser
A meeting is scheduled with Mathematica to discuss next steps for the study contracted to better understand services to individuals not registered in WIA or Wagner-Peyser and the related costs of these services. This information will be used to better understand the programs and provide information to support budget requests. The planned survey was sent to nine states and their WIBs to pilot the survey instrument. The result of this pilot will be discussed as well as contractor recommendations for next steps. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

State Allotments
iOn March 8 the state allotments were announced. OFAM expect calls next week as states begin reviewing the new levels. Contact: Jack Rapport (202- 693-2741; or

WIA December Expenditures
A priority in OFAM this week will be to summarize and issue additional reports relating to the December 31, 2001 reports submitted by the states. Also, OFAM will convene a meeting with OAS, OYP and regional staff to discuss uniform measures that will be used by ETA to identify states with large unspent balances and those with continued low spending relative to available funds. This will help prioritize regional review activities. Contact: Jack Rapport (202- 693-2741; or

GAO Report on Implementation of WIA Youth Provisions
On March 4, OFAM received the GAO draft report on implementation of the WIA youth provisions. The GAO made recommendations on recruitment for WIA Youth Councils, increasing response to Requests For Proposals for youth services, improving the process for verifying eligibility, recruitment of out-of-school youth, and for cooperation with the Department of Education to link education of workforce and education activities and to clarify the definition of skill attainment. A draft reponse for Departmental Clearance is requested by March 13. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;