Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 41

February 22, 2002

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The next policy meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2002 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Maria Kniesler Flynn (202-693-3045;


Technical Assistance and Training

Justice's Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative is offering resources for upcoming conferences. Contact: or call the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Response Center at 800-421-6770 or 202-307-1480. The federal partners will convene 3-hour regional pre-application workshops for the Reentry Initiative in the following cities during March and April: Columbus, OH; Boston; Philadelphia; Atlanta; Houston; Seattle; Denver; and Minneapolis. Contact: . The Web site also has an extensive list of upcoming events related to juvenile justice, correctional education, residential crime prevention, and reentry.

Youth Resource Connections Technical Assistance Update newsletter for February 8, 2002, is available at: It features many upcoming conferences, funding opportunities and resources available for youth programs.


Upcoming ETA Meetings



Education's Office of Student Financial Assistance has redesigned its Web site. SFA, the largest financial aid provider in the country, guarantees, administers and collects loans to college students, and issues grants. The Web site redesign is the result of a partnership with consulting firm Accenture to modernize the dated and redundant loan servicing computer system. In January, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Web site was updated; it allows students to electronically sign their loan documents and makes the system almost paper-free. The upgraded Web site has forms that are easier and quicker to fill out, and is more accessible with less downtime. With the new Web site, applicants can access worksheets to estimate their incomes, save an application at any computer and print a report generated by the application. The new site also has a security feature that stops applicants from submitting duplicate applications. The 4 million student users last year are projected to increase to 6 million this year. Contact: Office of Student Financial Assistance -
FAFSA on the Web -



April 26th - 28th is National Youth Service Day
(NYSD), the largest service event in the world, engaging millions of young Americans and focusing national attention on the amazing leadership of young people. National Youth Service Day is also an opportunity to recruit the next generation of volunteers while promoting the benefits of youth service to the American public.

Las Artes
is a community arts program that addresses the educational needs of out of school youth. It provides youth the opportunity to produce community arts projects while earning a GED. In addition to life learning skills, students complete a money management course and receive first aid and CPR training. Participating youth learn new leadership skills and gain valuable team building experience, develop new friendships and acquire new socialization skills that stress punctuality and a strong work ethic. The program is funded by a Youth Opportunity Grant and administered through Pima County Community Services in association with the One-Stop Career Center and SER Jobs For Progress.

Grants to improve economic conditions of rural areas are available under USDA's Rural Business Opportunities Grants program announced in the February 25, 2002, FEDERAL REGISTER. Agriculture's Rural Business-Cooperative Service strives to enhance the quality of life for rural Americans by providing leadership in building competitive businesses, including sustainable cooperatives that can prosper in the global marketplace. Assistance provided to rural areas under this program may include technical assistance for business development and economic development planning. Grants of up to $50,000 ($150,000 for multi-state projects) will be made from a total of $2,100,000 of non-earmarked funds. There is no limit on the project dollar amount under the additional $3,000,000 earmarked for Native Americans, the Mississippi Delta area, and Empowerment Zones, Enterprise Communities, and Rural Economic Area Partnerships. There is no deadline for submission of applications; funds will be awarded after June 30, 2002.

Services to Non-Registrants. OFAM will meet with the contractor, Mathematica Policy Research, on March 11, to review the findings of partial state survey of services to non-registrants and related costs and the direction for the overall project. The comment period for the FEDERAL REGISTER on the Information Collection Request closes on March 18.
Contact: James Aaron (202- 693-2814;

WIA Expenditures. OFAM is preparing second quarter (12/31) state expenditure data for WIA formula programs. Contact: Jack Rapport (202- 693-2742;

GAO Exit Conference on WIA Youth. An exit conference with GAO was held on February 22 on their review of WIA youth programs. The GAO looked at the implementation of WIA youth provisions, how Youth Councils have established linkages with the education community, and factors that affected implementation. GAO is expected to make recommendations in areas which may include: participation of youth, parents and the private sector on Youth Councils, soliciting service providers for youth services, requirements (documentation) for eligibility determination, participation of out-of-school youth, youth performance measures, and performance goals. Contact: James Aaron: (202- 693-2814;

Data Validation. OFAM has completed work with representatives of the Office of Adult Services and Office of Youth Services to create a WIA data validation handbook with a common approach to validating data elements for WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth programs.
Contact James Aaron: (202-693-2814 or

Region IV Rural Conference May 6-8, Park City, Utah. This conference will provide a forum for attendees to come together and discuss numerous issues affecting Rural Areas. Breakout sessions are structured to provide participants the opportunity to share their successes and concerns in a round table format. Further information can be accessed by going to Region IV Website ( and click on the "What's New" button. Contact: Andy Fuller (303- 844-0223;