Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 36

January 18, 2002

(For Internal Use Only)


Technical Assistance and Training

WorkForce Tools Of The Trade

Workforce Tools of the Trade: Helping Workforce Professionals Excel includes more than 2,000 descriptions of courses, books web sites, reports and sample materials designed to help workforce development system managers, staff and partners excel. The information is a part of America's Career Kit. Contact: or Lois Engel at 202-693-3356.

Journey to Performance Excellence Conference 2002

The Journey 2002 Conference had over 1000 attendees primarily from Federal, State and Local government offices, non profits and the private sector. The Trident One-Stop Career Center in North Charleston, South Carolina won the Team Excellence Showcase Competition. In addition, thirty exhibitors participated in the Grand Central Station. The Workforce Excellence Network currently has 510 Associate Members.


Upcoming ETA Meetings



Voice of the Employer Meeting

The Atlanta Regional Office and the State of Georgia will host a Voice of the Employer Meeting for the eight States in the region on Tuesday, February 19, 2002, in Atlanta. The purpose of the meeting is to engage major employers from Region 3 States in a dialogue on how to most effectively structure ongoing input and communication to the workforce system at all levels to better understand their needs as customers.

Home Depot Partnership

The Assistant Secretary for ETA kicked off a partnership effort with Home Depot on Friday, January 25, at the company's Atlanta, Georgia headquarters. Home Depot is seeking ways to effectively enter into a partnership with the States of Florida and Georgia and workforce boards in Atlanta and Orlando to meet their immediate and long-term staffing needs. Home Depot is looking for staff to fill full- and part-time positions, from cashiers to managers, at retail sites and distribution centers in many different locations across the country. State and Local offices from both Florida and Georgia workforce agencies participated in this kick-off meeting. Coordination at the local level will be key to the success of this effort.

The Boston Private Industry Council also hosted an initial meeting with Home Depot to discuss piloting the New Hire Partnership in the Greater Boston initiative during the implementation phase of this New Hire Partnership area. Present at this meeting were Home Depot regional and headquarter HR staff, Home Depot's consultant, the Boston PICs Employer Relations Specialist and Career Center Director, and representatives from nine Boston based CBOs and workforce development organizations. The MA WIA lead and the Employer Labor Specialist represented the region at the meeting and will convene a Coordinating Committee to move this initiative forward during the implementation phase of this New Hire Partnership.



National Emergency Grants

OTIS and Adult Services continue to work on the National Emergency Grants (NEG) system. OTIS has presented the screens and business processes to the Regional Administrators who provided some valuable feedback during the week of January 21. The application module of the NEG system is now complete. The remaining modules include Notification, Monitoring, and Financial Reporting.

Workforce Investment Board Survey

The Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University and the National Leadership Institute have released the results of their second survey of Workforce Investment Boards nationwide. The survey --- conducted by the staff at the Center for Survey Research Analysis at the University of Connecticut --- asked State and Local WIB Chairs and Directors about a wide range of concerns including their training needs, their strategic planning efforts, and perceptions about the actions of their WIBs. Information was compiled from 67% of state boards and from 63% of local WIBs. The survey results can be found at

Data Validation

OFAM provided to the Adult and Youth Offices copies of the draft data validation handbooks for the WIA (adult and youth) and WtW programs. The draft handbook for the Trade program will be provided the week of January 28. OFAM met with the contractor and the Youth office to review comments and will meet with the Adult office the week of January 28. The next step in the process upon finalizing the validation handbooks will be to develop a roll-out strategy that includes briefing the OIG. Contact: Jim Aaron (693-2814;


The response to the GAO report "Workforce Investment Act: Better Guidance and Revised Funding Formula Would Enhance Dislocated Worker Program" was provided to GAO on January 25. Contact: Jim Aaron (693-2814;


WIA Waiver Requests

Current WIA waiver requests in process - eight:

Completed Actions on State WIA Waiver Requests (Since last update):

Note: To date no requests to waive Wagner-Peyser section 8-10 requirements have been received from any states under the new WIA General Statutory and Regulatory Waiver Authority.
Contact: Dennis Nutt (202-693-3357; )