Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 34

January 4, 2002

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The next policy meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2002 at 3:00 p.m.

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Video on Exemplary One-Stops in the Southeast

Regional III office staff and the South Carolina Employment Security Commission's Media Center have selected from several nominees a group of One-Stop Career Centers to be featured in a video on exemplary One-Stops in the Southeast. Criteria for selection included the number of partner agencies present in the center, the variety and scope of services, the governance structure, performance indicators, use of technology and the overall adequacy of the nomination. South Carolina's media center staff will begin filming in these centers in March, and we expect the final product to be available for presentation at the Workforce Innovation 2002 Conference in Nashville in July.

Toll-Free Help Line (TFHL) Call Volume

TFHL call volume continues to surge, reaching a record high in December. Call volume reached 15,928,significantly exceeding the previous record total of 11,373 attained in November. This record volume wasreached in spite of the two-day holiday on December 24 and 25 when the Call Center was closed.



National Emergency Grant (NEG) Decision memos approved by the Secretary

Georgia $584,700 to serve 110 dislocated workers as a result of the closures of Wilkins Industry, Inc., andAmercord, Inc.
Massachusetts $1,081,753 to serve 185 dislocated workers layoff at Shaw's Supermarket layoffs.
Missouri $1,313,322 to serve 347 dislocated workers from Excel Corporation.
Oregon $1,707,993 to serve 400 workers dislocated from Agrifrozen.
Texas $6.2 million to serve 5,200 dislocated workers from airlines and related industries (September 11, 2001 related). Up to $739,073 with an initial award of $250,000 to serve 132 workers dislocated from Excel Corporation.

February 15th Deadline to Apply for MSFW Youth Program Funds. In the January 9, 2002, FEDERAL REGISTER, ETA announced availability of funds to provide MSFW youth workforce investment activities authorized in section 127(b)(1)(A)(iii) of WIA. Up to $10,000,000 will be available for the grant year (commencing April 1, 2002) for funding up to 15 projects. The Department intends to fund grants in the 12 agricultural geographic areas of the U.S. Subject to availability of funds, non-competitive funding for the succeeding one-year period will be provided for grantees that perform satisfactorily during the first year. Eligible applicants must have: (1) Documented experience providing services to migrant and seasonal farmworker youth; 2) working familiarity with the geographic area to be served and ability to work within the existing service environment; 3) capacity to administer the program of activities and services proposed; and (4) appropriate legal status to enter into a grant agreement (such as private non-profit corporation or unit of State or local government). Closing date is February 15, 2002. Contact:

Quality Child Care Initiative Proposals Announcment

ETA/BAT is inviting proposals for up to ten (10) awards. Proposals are sought for providing a credentialed career path for development of professional child care provider through the utilization of the National Registered Apprenticeship System; which will reduce turnover, increase wages for providers, provide a more stable environment for children and lower the concern of parents.

Eligible applicants include States that have a State Apprenticeship Agency (SAA) , State Agencies designated by the Governor, Governors Early Childhood Initiative, other State Agencies with responsibility for child care regulations or funding. Only one proposal will be accepted per State and for States without a SAA a letter from the Governor designating the agency must accompany the proposal. Those States who received Child Care Initiative awards in Round 1 (1999) and Round 2 (2000), are not eligible to compete for this procurement action. Closing date is March 11, 2002. Additiional background appears in the January 9 FEDERAL REGISTER.