Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 33

December 28, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)




The next policy meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2002 at 3:00 p.m.

ETA has received the draft GAO report on "WIA: Improvements Needed in Performance Measures to Provide More Accurate Picture of WIA's Effectiveness." Comments have been solicited from the program offices, and a letter outlining ETA's comments has been prepared for the Assistant Secretary's signature.


Upcoming ETA Meetings



AJB Banner Ads on Yahoo

NASWA is continuing with the 'Dream It, Find It, Get It' national marketing campaign promoting America's Career Kit. The most recent addition is the Internet-based banner ads now appearing on a rotating basis on Yahoo 'job' and 'career' searches. These web-based ads join the TV, radio, and magazine ads already that have already been placed. To see samples of all the ads, go to:

To see samples of the Yahoo banner ads, go to:

Toll-Free Help Line (TFHL) Call Volume

Call volume for November exceeded the previous all-time monthly record of 7,460 calls by 52%-a total of 11,373 calls! This is largely attributable to the sustained diverse public information efforts undertaken by Florida, one of our TFHL "champion" states. New Jersey's marketing efforts, augmented by a major Jobs Expo in the Meadowlands Arena on 11/28, are also beginning to be reflected in the state tallies. The TFHL/ASL partnership staffed an exhibit booth at the Expo, which generated considerable interest among the 7,000+ attendees.

PEPNet Awards Application and Criteria Workbook Now Available

The PEPNet Application for Recognition may be submitted by any initiative that provides employment/development services for young people ages 14-25. An initiative desiring recognition and feedback from reviewers answers a set of application questions organized around the PEPNet Criteria. The PEPNet 2002 Application is due April 18, 2002. Programs may be recognized as PEPNet Awardees by demonstrating effectiveness in all 5 categories of PEPNet Criteria. Programs that demonstrate evidence of effectiveness in Purpose & Activities plus two other PEPNet Categories may receive the designation of PEPNet Promising Program and may be encouraged to apply again the following year. PEPNet requires all Awardees to "renew" their awards every 4 years to ensure they continue to meet all categories of PEPNet Criteria. Go to:


State Plans

The Modification of Pennsylvania's Unified Five-Year State Plan was approved on January 4, 2002. A chart tracking all approved and pending modifications is being developed by the Division of One-Stop Operations and will be attached to the next Bulletin.



Two widely-regarded and accessed sources of information within the workforce development Community -- the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national projections of occupational employment for 2000 to 2010, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) -- have been released in updated and revised versions this month by BLS on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) basis for the first time. The new 2002-2003 Occupational Outlook Handbook is out on the web at: At the each occupation article (where related DOT codes appeared), the publication now lists the related O*NET codes.

The projections of national occupational employment from 2000 to 2010 are available on:

Under the "Publications and Other Documentation" feature on this page, there are also useful hotlinks to a number of articles on the projections. Note particularly the last one - "Charting the Occupations" -- which provides useful charts presenting the information graphically (suitable for ETA speeches and presentations).

The OOH includes national wages. State and area (MSA) wages are also available for download from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey site, under the Related Links heading, at:

Questions can be directed to Pam Frugoli (693-3643;

National Emergency Grants (NEG)

The following NEG grant applications related to dislocations effected by the events of September 11 were approved by the Secretary. State notifications are underway or have already occurred for the following:

Additional NEG's:

For more information contact: