Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 30

November 23, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)



OIG Audit Update of Youth Opportunity Grants Possible

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is planning for a possible audit update of Youth Opportunity Grants. ETA has responded to their initial request for copies of grant modifications, quarterly financial reports, site performance reports, and MIS data files. Once this proposed audit is approved with the OIG, they will formally notify the Assistant Secretary and arrange for an audit entrance meeting.

TEGL on "Clarification on Selected Activities and Issues under WIA" Is in Final Clearance. The issues are: 1) the competitive selection process for occupational skills providers and the use of the eligible training provider list for youth; 2) the definition of "attending any school"; and 3) cross-cutting youth/adult eligibility issues (such as self-certification/self-attestation, presumptive eligibility/proxy measures, and risk analysis of data elements.

The next policy meeting will be held December 11 at 3:00 EST.


Technical Assistance and Training

New Labor Exchange and VETS performance measures and reporting instructions

In preparation for the states' implementation of the new Labor Exchange and VETS performance measures and reporting instructions, the ETA and VETS National Office will host a meeting on December 11-13, 2001 of OWS and VETS regional staff and Labor Exchange Performance Measurement Workgroup members. This 2 day meeting is intended to gather input on the most expedient and efficient way to roll out these new measures to states and regions. Issues to be covered include a review of the new measures, changes to the 9002 and VETS 200 reports, the revised ET 406 Handbook, report validation, the Enterprise Information Management System, and a discussion of conversion to the O*NET and NAICS classification systems.
Contact: Stephanie Cabell (202-693-3171; or Anthony Dais (202-693-2784;

Conference Updates

Reminder: The deadline for early bird registration for The Journey To Performance Excellence Conference is November 30, 2001. Contact:

Jett Con 2002 has been renamed Workforce Innovation 2002 in order to broaden the scope of the conference from technology to a broad focus on the workforce system. Workforce Innovation 2002 will be held July 9-11, 2002, in Nashville, Tennessee.


Upcoming ETA Meetings



Colorado has submitted a modified 5-Year Unified State Plan. Contact Jovita Martinez (303-844-1576; or Valerie Lloyd (202-693-3644;




Early information indicates spending may have declined during the most recent completed quarter. A report to the Congressional Appropriations Committees is due the end of November. There are still a handful of reports not received and many more not yet accepted by the regions (although the states have electronically submitted the reports). An e-mail has been sent indicating the importance of getting all reports in and approving them.
Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742;

The National Clearinghouse for Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeships

The Sar Levitan Center at Johns Hopkins University has just opened a Web site to facilitate Youth Development Apprenticeship (YDPA) Programs across the country. The Clearinghouse is dedicated to improving the quality and increasing the quantity of registered YDPA programs through information dissemination and marketing, technical assistance, and acting as the repository for related instruction curriculum. For more information about the clearinghouse and the YDPA Initiative, go to

>Job Corps Centers across the country are organizing fund-raising events for the Afghan Child Refugee Relief Fund. The students have responded to the President's request for each child to donate $1 to assist the children of Afghanistan. Contact: Maria Temiquel (202-693-3118;

Trade Act Funding

Assistant Secretary of Labor Emily Stover DeRocco announced the availability of $8.1 million dollars that will allow continued payment of benefits to qualified workers who are unemployed as a result of imports or the NAFTA agreement while the new appropriation is still under consideration. Unemployment experienced by workers covered by these programs has been higher than originally expected, and the allocation will allow benefit payments to continue uninterrupted.