Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 24

October 5, 2001

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WIA Funding to States:  The Workforce Investment Act fund allotments (FY 2002 advance portion of funds for PY 2001) for Adult and Dislocated Worker programs were issued to States during the first week of October along with the WIA youth supplemental funding allotments recently authorized by Congress for PY 2001. Contact: Fred Tello (202-693-3333;

The next Policy Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16th at 3:00 p.m. (EST). Contact: Maria Kniesler-Flynn (202-693-3045;

Grants Awarded:  Under the President's New Freedom Initiative, the Labor Department announced $11 million in grants to integrate Americans with disabilities into the workforce. The Institute for Community Inclusion and its consortium partners initially received $1.2 million to provide technical assistance support to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) One-Stop Career Centers, State and Local Workforce Investment Boards and others that oversee and operate adult oriented programs to increase employment outcomes for people with disabilities. The Institute for Educational Leadership Center for Workforce Development and its partners initially received $1.4 million to deliver technical assistance to build the capacity of WIA-assisted and other youth programs to provide comprehensive services to young people with disabilities. Thirty-three grants ranging from $15,000 to $1.4 million were awarded in five categories. Contact:


New Waiver Request

DINAP:  The Office of Indian and Native Programs is awaiting approval of the waiver competition for incumbent Indian and Native American WIA grantees. Waiver authority is an important determinant in how the INA WIA designation competition will be conducted. The regulatory deadline for issuance of the INA WIA designation procedures, October 1, has passed, which means that all timelines for submission of applications and other information will be shortened considerably. Since the Act requires the designation process be completed by March 1, it is imperative that the SGA be announced in the Federal Register as soon as possible.


Technical Assistance and Training

Boston Region:  The Regional Office's Workforce System Building Team met last week to discuss WIA Performance and other matters. The groups reviewed the feedback from the Region I-Boston conference with One-Stop operators which was very favorable. There was agreement to continue this format on an annual basis and both Vermont and Connecticut agreed to co-host next year's session. The team agreed to write to WIA grantees on outstanding assessment issues and a review of performance to continue the discussion and focus on results. The Boston Regional Office will sponsor an Annual Report Session on October 23.

Philadelphia Region:  On September 24 and 25, Region 2 hosted a Workforce Board Leadership Summit in Baltimore. About 115 individuals - including both Board members and staff - attended the summit. Agenda topics included: Retaining Private Sector Members on the Workforce Boards, Taking the Boards to the Next Level, Creating Highly Effective Partnerships, Linking Economic and Workforce Development, and Conducting a Community Audit. The summit was planned with assistance from partner agencies, including HUD, TANF, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Private Sector. Contact: Leo Miller (215-861-5287;


Upcoming ETA Meetings



National Emergency Grants:  It is expected that five NEG grant application decision memoranda will be forward to the Secretary this week for decision. Applications for dislocated worker projects are from Texas (AG Processing), New Hampshire (Pulp and Paper of America), Minnesota (Airline Industry), Massachusetts (Power-One, Inc), and Virginia (Sept 11 Disaster). Contact: Office of Adult Services

Wagner-Peyser Reemployment allotments:  Staff expect to complete the last set of Wagner-Peyser Reemployment allotments to the eight remaining States. Contact: Office of Financial and Administrative Management.

Technology Opportunities Program:  The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) recently announced the award of $42.8 million in Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) grants to 74 non-profit organizations, including state and local governments, across the country and in Puerto Rico. Several of the awards directly benefit workforce development. The Northern Indiana Workforce Investment Board will receive $856,983 to create a web-based regional gateway and a suite of interactive web-based tools (such as employability skills system-building, career partnership matching, and information-referral tools) to provide citizens with a simple, secure, and convenient way of accessing a wide range of human and workforce-related services. The City of Tucson will receive $824,644 to create an online collaboration environment for unemployed and under-employed citizens in Tucson to help with training, employment services, and communication with possible employers. Goodwill Industries International (GII) will receive $850,000 to use interactive technology to increase workforce retention among its clients who have recently been placed in jobs. GII will provide them with online access to retention and life skills curriculums, resources for assistance in crisis situations and tools to gain additional job skills. A virtual community of mentors, employers and retention specialists will be created to further enhance client retention and advancement success. The demonstration test will involve placing laptop computers with 140 individuals who are clients of Goodwill sites across the country (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Peoria, Illinois; and Reading, Pennsylvania).

For a complete list of the TOP 2001 awards, including project descriptions and contact information, as well as TOP publications, evaluation reports, and case studies, visit TOP's website,

GAO Report on Veterans' Employment and Training Service:  The recent GAO Report -- Veterans' Employment and Training Service: Flexibility and Accountability Needed to Improve Service to Veterans -- is available for review. Contact:

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August 2001 Web Statistics

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6,048,462 839,406 217,919 195,111 7,029 90,058
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