Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 22

September 21, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)



The next policy team meeting will be held October 2nd at 3:00pm EST.


Technical Assistance and Training

Meeting the Needs of One-Stop Customers with Disabilities

The Institute for Community Inclusion has recently issued a new publication, "Access for All: Meeting the Needs of One-Stop Customers with Disabilities." This 325+ page manual contains comprehensive information on working with persons with disabilities in the One-Stop delivery System. Contact:

Peer-to-Peer Training: Community Service Learning will be conducted November 7 - 9, 2001, in Boston. Participants will learn how to integrate community service learning (CSL) into their programs. Boston's unique model combines CSL with a transitional employment program that addresses the problem of youth with little or no previous work experience. Youth receive work experiences of increasing levels of responsibility and difficulty through a variety of projects. There will be a pre-workshop host site visit. Attendance is limited to one staff person from each YO! site. Contact: Anne Stom; (202-693-3377or

Peer to Peer Training: The Juvenile Justice Connection will be conducted November 14 - 16, 2001, in Los Angeles. This workshop will help YO! sites design, develop and sustain strong partnerships with juvenile justice agencies. These partnerships will help YO! to serve youth through alternative sentencing strategies, serving youth in detention centers, after-care (transitioning into communities, conditions of parole), handling of bench warrants and intervention on family support issues and dealing with confidentiality issues. There will be a pre-workshop host site visit. Attendance is limited to one staff person from each YO! site. Contact: Anne Stom (202-693-3377;

Region V Youth Development Conference, December 5 - 7, 2001, in Chicago, will provide information, program models, exhibits, and answers to the issues that concern Youth Programs. This year the conference workshops reflect preferences of local youth councils and youth program operators in all 10 Region V States and will feature three theme: 1) Partnerships, 2) Leveraging Resources, and 3) Youth Involvement. Contact:

Youth Opportunity Grants (YOG) September Listserv On-Line!

Due to computer problems, ETA has been unable to e-mail the bi-weekly Youth Opportunity Grants (YOG) Technical Assistance Update. These 7-page newsletters include sections on: Program News and Information, Technical Assistance/Training, Publications, Funding Opportunities, and Dates to Remember. You can view and download the following issues on-line:

Current Jobs and Future Options: A Guide for Unions to Educate Youth about Work, funded under a School-to-Work grant, describes the range of activities and programs that unions have initiated to reach out to young people before they graduate from high school. It offers insights on work and today's youth, valuable suggestions for union-sponsored School-to-Work programs, answers to teens' questions about the workplace, program funding and online resources. The Guide includes a poster and is available from the AFL-CIO, Working for America Institute (1-800-842-4734). The Guide is also available online at:


Upcoming ETA Meetings



Toll-Free Help Line (TFHL) Assistance to VA and NYC UI/DUA Applicants

In response to the impact of the 9/11 tragedy on those employed at Reagan and Dulles airports, VA is publicizing the TFHL as a means for their UI applicants to receive timely information on UI benefits, claims filing sites (including an emergency One-Stop Center at Reagan), and a local (703) telephone number for more detailed questions. This information, provided by a Virginia Employment Commission official, has been incorporated in the TFHL database for immediate use by our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in addition to the comprehensive information already available on VA services in America's Service Locator. A press release, highlighting the TFHL, is expected to be released by Govenor Gilmore's office.

The TFHL has also been assisting those affected by the NYC emergency. At the request of OWS, our CSRs are disseminating NY's DOL UI claims number (1-888-209-8124) for those seeking Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) information. They have also established a link with the NY DOL website where information is available about DUA and regular UI claims. Contact: Stephanie Curtis (202-693-3353; or Lois Engel (202-693-3356;

State Directors/ACRN Conference

In its efforts to promote greater coordination of Perkins activities, OVAE continues its plan to host a joint meeting of the National State Directors of Vocational-Technical Education and the America's Career Resource Network (ACRN). On November 27, the program will focus on ACRN-related issues and efforts. On Wednesday, November 28, there will be a joint meeting covering common areas of interest between the two groups as well as those of other program leaders. Finally, on November 29, the focus will be exclusively on broader Perkins topics of concern to the State Directors. State Directors of Vocational-Technical Education are encouraged to invite their State Tech-Prep Coordinators to attend. School- to-Work Directors will also be involved, Wednesday, November 28. Registration forms will be distributed by the end of September. For more information, contact: Jennifer Graban at



Arizona has submitted a WIA and W-P Plan modification request. This brief modification outlines a change to the dislocated worker formula allocation for PY 2001. The State has applied the new formula allocation to its local areas, and seeks approval of the modification to July 1, 2001. Contact: Deanna Khemani (415-975-4622; or Kevin Thompson (202-693-2925;



GAO Report

The Response to the GAO Report "Workforce Investment Act: Better Guidance Needed to address Concerns Over New Requirements" was signed by the Assistant Secretary and put into Departmental clearance. Contact: James Aaron (202-693-2814;

Dislocated Workers Reallotment and Rescission

Work continued to publish later this week the amounts by which PY 2001 State formula funds will be reduced. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742;

FY 2001 Emergency Appropriation

ETA submitted requests received from New York to OMB for consideration in the first wave of OMB funding to respond to the terrorist attacks. We have been told that amounts have been approved for Dislocated Workers National Emergency Grants and Unemployment Insurance. Paperwork was completed on Friday for OMB to apportion funds to an ETA X account. An X account is no-year funds that remain available until expended or rescinded. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742;

Young Offender Initiative

The deadline for applications for the Young Offender Initiative: Reentry Grant Program has been extended to October 9. The deadline for applications for the Young Offender Initiative: Demonstration Grant Program has been extended to October 23.

Services for Employers and Workers

A web-based summary of ETA programs and services designed to assist in the economic recovery of American businesses and workers is currently available at:

"Kids on the Wire" is a daily on-line newsletter of the What Kids Can Do national nonprofit organization founded in the Fall 2001. A recent issue featured articles about teens' varied activities in Kentucky, New Jersey, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Alexandria, Virginia, in response to the September 11th tragedies. WKCD documents the value of young people working with teachers and other adults on projects that combine powerful learning with public purpose for an audience of educators and policy makers, journalists, community members, and students. Contact: