Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 21

August 14, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)



WIA Policy: "Master Set of Questions and Answers"

As discussed during the Policy Team meeting on September 4, the SOL has approved a new set of questions and answers. The One-Stop Office subsequently integrated these additions into the Master Set for re-issuance to the system through a TEGL. The TEGL, which will transmit forty-five pages of Q's and A's along with a paginated index of terms, is now in clearance.

Next Policy Team meeting: Tuesday, October 2nd at 3:00pm EST.


Technical Assistance and Training

National Workforce Investment Board Survey

The National Leadership Institute for Workforce Excellence is conducting their 2001 National Workforce Investment Board Survey to solicit responses from a universe of nearly 1,600 State and Local WIB Chairs and Executive Directors throughout the U.S., territories, and commonwealths. The purpose of the survey is to understand the scope of leadership efforts and the leadership capacity of State and Local Workforce Investment Boards nationwide. The survey is designed to assess the needs of State and Local WIB members and their Executive staff.

Sources of Funding for Youth Services

The Office of Youth Services has recently published "Sources Of Funding For Youth Services." This guide supplies a comprehensive listing of up-to-date references to potential partners and available funding resources that can be tapped to further enhance service delivery to youth. Prepared by the Leonard Resource Group, this guide contains valuable information on the key elements of developing a proposal when trying to partner with potential funders.

FFI: .


Upcoming ETA Meetings



Stakeholder Meeting: Partners Workgroup Established

A Performance Accountability stakeholder meeting was held on September 5 and 6 in Washington, D.C. to begin the development of recommendations on national policy for revising negotiated levels of performance and establishing a menu of additional indicators of performance. The meeting was attended by approximately sixty Federal, State, and local partners from the WIA system and also drew delegates from a number of inter-governmental organizations. The Department of Education was also represented. Deputy Secretary Lenita Jacobs-Simmons opened the session stressing the importance of these twin tasks for our system-building with a supportive message from Assistant Secretary Emily DeRocco. The work of the Performance Accountability stakeholders will continue in these two sub-groups over the next few months. The Revisions sub-group has been charged with developing policy by October 31. Contact: Bill Rabung (202-693-3160);

America`s Literacy Directory

The National Institute for Literacy (NIFL), the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, and Verizon have recently launched America`s Literacy Directory, an Internet-based compendium of literacy programs available in every state and territory. The Literacy Directory strengthens the link between literacy services and job training programs allowing staff in respective programs to access to the same current information. The Directory's online location within America's Service Locator helps adults find information about literacy programs and job opportunities all in the same web site. FFI:

National Issuance

OCTA continues development of a memorandum for the Assistant Secretary which summarizes our efforts to produce a national issuance to be signed by the WIA Federal Partners. This issuance -- currently composed of a vision statement, a recitation of the defining characteristics of a true One-Stop system, and a firm declaration of principles -- would emphasize the importance of seamless service delivery and underscore the partners' commitment to workforce system-building.

The "status and next steps" memorandum is now in preparation for the ASET to convey the concerns expressed by the state and local representatives at the recent Chicago meeting on their initial review of the draft national issuance. The state and local representatives are seeking a much bolder exposition of action steps to be taken by the Federal partners; the workgroup membership want to ensure a strong unambiguous issuance which signals that the Federal leadership supports their involvement in the One-Stop System and encourages full participation of all state and local partners through staff and resources.

The memorandum, accordingly, seeks the ASET's guidance on next steps (including appropriate changes to the issuance's content and the possible future roles of the Policy Planning Board and OMB in the document's review, support and execution within the Federal establishment). Contact: Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045);



Southern and Delta Regional Rural Conference (SDRRC)

The SDRRC scheduled for September 17 - 18, in Louisville has been canceled. A working session is now tentatively scheduled for a TBA date in October that will bring together the panelists/ presenters who had been invited to Louisville. This working session will be organized around four focus groups -- "Building Leadership Capacity and Strategic Know-How," "Building a Resource Base," "Building Empowered Communities," and "Building the Right Skills." The purpose of these colloquies will be to create an outline for future publications, videos, conference modules, or other materials to be distributed to the original attendees of the conference, as well as to other principals who may have an interest in rural economic and workforce development issues. Contact: John Beverly (202-693-3502);

Workforce Excellence Network

The Workforce Excellence Network has extended the deadlines for application for this year's Teams Excellence Showcase. Intent to Apply forms are now due by Friday, October 5; video applications are now due by Friday, October 26. The award criteria, application forms and other background information can be found at

Portal Page

A "portal page" for our electronic tools is now under development for presentation to the America's Career Kit Consortium and NETBoard during their respective meetings October. USES and OTIS discussed plans for this page with the LMI team members in the field during a September 20 teleconference. Contact: Fred Frederick (202-693-3612);