Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 12

July 13, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)

Published by the Division of One-Stop Operations



Next Policy Team meeting will be held July 24th at 3:00 EST.


Technical Assistance and Training

Youth Programs:  Seattle Office of Youth Services staff recently met with the State of Oregon which will be taking a lead role in a year-long nationally funded project to develop training and resources on how local WIA youth programs can access grants through private foundations.

GAO Exit on WIA Technical Amendments:  On Friday, July 13, several ETA representatives met with GAO in connection with their work on WIA technical amendments. The focus of this work has now shifted to WIA implementation. There are three areas of interest: 1) Availability of core services and support and the effect of traditional service delivery approaches and financial disincentives, 2) Client choice may be limited as training providers face disincentives to participation, and 3) Current structure of Workforce Boards and affiliated entities may lead private sector to opt out. GAO expects to issue a report in September.


Upcoming ETA Meetings



The RA issued a letter advising Oklahoma that additional information is required before its modified plan can be approved. Contact for OK: Greg Goodwin (214-767-2088; or Valerie Lloyd (202-693-3644; Modifications for Hawaii and Missouri remain under review. Contact for HI: Jon Lampman (415-975-4619;, Kevin Thompson (202-693-2925;; Contact for MO: Bob Wilson (816-426-3796, ext. 254; or Dick Ensor (202-693-2792;



Partner Grant Opportunity: The Office of Adult and Vocational Education has announced the availability of $5 million in FY 2001 funds for competitive grants to local Tech-Prep consortia under the Tech-Prep Demonstration Program. OVAE has estimated that 10 grants will be awarded, ranging from $400,000 to $600,000 for a 36-month project period, with an average size of $500,000. The deadline for applications is September 17, 2001.

The funds were appropriated to enable eligible consortia to carry out tech-prep education projects that involve the co-location of a secondary school on the site of a community college, a business as a member of the consortium, and the voluntary participation of secondary school students. All Tech-Prep Demonstration Program projects must fully implement the core requirements of Tech-Prep Education under Title II of the Perkins Act.

The full application package is available on-line in PDF format (

America's Workforce Network (AWN):

AWN is the nationwide network of workforce development organizations and resources that provide information and services to help employers find skilled workers and individuals to manage their careers. The following projects have been funded to support the launch of America's Workforce Network:

Look for more grant announcements in Bulletin #13.



America's Job Link Alliance (the One-Stop operating system state consortium) held its first meeting to establish developmental priorities for the system. The goal is for every state to have access to a One-Stop operating system that is tailored to meet its needs. Several components of America's Job Link are distinctive from other One-Stop systems including its proposed UI component, a virtual One-Stop for employers that include the UI features, and the fact that the system will be modular with the ability for States to choose which modules they need to fit in with their overall system. Contact: Gay Gilbert (202-693-2923;

Dislocated Worker Program: The Senate FY 2002 Supplemental bill reduces Dislocated Worker programs for PY 2001 by rescinding $217.5 million --- $160.0 million in formula funds and $57.5 million in the Secretary's National Reserve. This reduction is justified on the increasing amount of funds projected to be unspent on June 30, 2001. The Senate recognized that not all States have these balances and have added language requiring DOL to reallot monies based on the Secretary's determination that a State has excess carry-out. These monies are to be reallotted to better spending States to maintain the PY 2001 formula allotments before any rescission. The rescission is not effective until the reallotment is done. This is an important change. DOL had expressed concern if the reduction was done now and the reallotment was not completed until September. Report language will reference September 15, 2001 as the date the Senate expects the reallotment to be completed.

The House had considered a rescission of FY 2002. Advance funding for Dislocated Worker and Adult programs but withdrew the proposal after a House Rules Committee decision. We have spoken to House staff about the need for additional language authorizing the reallocation of funds among local areas and Governor's set-asides for rapid response and statewide activities. Like the Secretary's authority, these reallocations would allow Governors to maintain PY 2001 amounts for Statewide activities and local areas, similar to what is provided to the Secretary. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742;