Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 9

June 15, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)

Published by the Division of One-Stop Operations



Applications for WIA incentive funding have come in from the six early implementing WIA states. The next step is to review the applications with the Department of Education and the ETA Grants Office, and obligate the funds by June 30, 2001. Contact: Jacqui Shoholm (202-693-3190;

On June 15, The WIA Federal Partners (Acting and confirmed Assistant Secretaries) met with OMB to continue discussions on WIA cross-cutting issues and concerns. The following Federal Agencies were present: Departments of Labor, Commerce, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, and Education (OVAE & RSA). Decisions were made on the following next steps: (1) OMB will convene a staff-level workgroup to develop common performance definitions and system-wide performance measures; (2) OMB will convene an Incentive grant policy workgroup to develop award criteria; (3) OMB will reconvene the workgroup that worked on FERPA issues; and (4) OMB charged the One-Stop Readiness Review Workgroup with developing a National Issuance to be signed by all the Federal partners that addresses the critical elements of partnering and support for the One-Stop system. Future discussions will include the role of the One-Stop system in providing services to the working poor. The Performance Measures and Incentive Awards workgroups are scheduled to meet during the week of June 25th. Contact: Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045;

The next Policy Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th at 3:00 p.m. (EST). Contact: Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045;


Technical Assistance and Training

June 27-29 - 2nd WIA Readiness Review One-Stop Workgroup Meeting in Washington, D.C. The workgroup will focus on MOU/Partnerships, Service Integration, and Cost Allocation/Resource Sharing. Contact: Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045;

June 27-29 - 2 WIA Readiness Review Youth Workgroup in Washington, D.C. The workgroup will focus on Service Providers, 30% Requirement, Expenditures and Strengthening Youth Councils. Contact: Haskell Lowery (202-693-3608);

August 16-17 - 2nd WIA Readiness Review ATELS Workgroup in Denver, CO. The workgroup will focus on issues related to the attraction and retention of employers to participate on WIA Boards. Contact: Laura Ginsberg (202-693-2796;

WIA Regional training on the reporting requirements continued this week in New York, on June 18-20. Contact: Candice Young (202-693-3189;



Modification of State plans remain under review for The District of Columbia, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Contact for DC: Bonnie Coe (202-693-2918; or Leo Miller (215-861-5827; Contact for OK: Valerie Lloyd (202-693-3644; or Greg Goodwin (214-767-2088; Contact for NE: Dick Ensor (202-693-2792; or Hal Tyson 816-426-3796, ext 234;



WOTC/WtW Tax Credit stakeholders (IRS, HHS, HUD, ETA, State, Regional Staff, employers, employer representatives, and others ) met the week of June 15 to address three key areas: certification, reporting and marketing. This is the first of three scheduled meetings over the next few months. Contact: Carmen Ortiz (202-693-2786:


ETA-Sponsored Meetings

July 16 - 18 - Jett*Con 2001, Baltimore, MD. Contact: or Gardner Carrick (202-693-3689;

July 22 - 27 - Youth Opportunity Grants Leadership Institute, Leesburg, VA. Three-hundred fifty participants from YOG sites have confirmed attendance. Contact: David Lah (202-693-3604;



TEIN 19-00 transmitted to the field Interim Report of Youth Offender Demonstration Project Process Evaluation. It reports initial findings of projects to assist youth at risk of criminal involvement, youth offenders, and gang members ages 14 through 24. The projects seek long-term employment by providing employment and training services. The report identifies promising approaches that may lead to an exportable decisive organizational model. The report also discusses linking juvenile justice and youth development, training, and labor exchange activities with One-Stop centers to help youth offenders get jobs. Contact: David Balducchi (202-693-3678;