Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 6

May 18, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)

Published by the Division of One-Stop Operations



(1)  Resource Sharing and Cost Allocation Methodologies was published in the Federal Register on May 31, 2001.

(2)  Next Policy Team Meeting: Tuesday, June 12, 3:00 p.m. EST


New WIA Waiver Requests

Contact: Dennis Nutt (202-693-3357;


Technical Assistance and Training

Toll-Free Help Line (TFHL)/America's Service Locator (ASL) Partnership - The realignment of the TFHL and ASL calls for the replacement of the present TFHL State and Local service deliverers' database at the National Call Center (NCC) with one robust ASL database which will be prepared, entered and maintained by State and Local staff. Customer Service Representatives answering TFHL calls at the NCC will utilize the same ASL database as Web users.

To date, 49 States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and DC have reviewed and updated One-Stop service location information on the ASL database. (The remaining State - Indiana -- is in progress.) The next step of the realignment-the review and updating of detailed information on the ASL database about available services at local One-Stops for workers, employers and youth-is underway. TFHL staff in OAS continue to work collaboratively with our ASL partners in OTIS to achieve our goal of a fully updated ASL database by early July.

WIA Youth Readiness Workgroup - On May 23-24, the Office of Youth Services convened a 2-day meeting of the WIA Youth Readiness Workgroup with Federal, State, and Local stakeholder representatives. Two subgroups on Youth Program Services and Strengthening Youth Councils discussed plans for developing specific policy, technical assistance and training strategies. Products of the workgroups will be posted on a new OYS WIA Readiness Workgroup Web site. Contact: Haskel Lowery (202-693-3608;



Modification of State plans remain under review for The District of Columbia, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Contact for DC: Bonnie Coe (202-693-2918; or Leo Miller (215-861-5827; Contact for OK: Valerie Lloyd (202-693-3644; or Greg Goodwin (214-767-2088; Contact for NE: Dick Ensor (202-693-2792; or Hal Tyson 816-426-3796, ext 234;


ETA-Sponsored Meetings

June 6 -- Young Offender Initiative Pre-Application Workshop, St. Louis, MO<

June 7 - 8 -- WIA Readiness Review ATELS Workgroup Meeting, Baltimore Washington International Airport, Sheraton Hotel. Contact: Laura Ginsberg (202-693-2796;

June 17 - 20 -- The 4th Annual STW Indian Grantees Conference, Scottsdale, AZ

June 26 - 27-- First America's Workforce Network Research Conference at the Radisson Berkeley Hotel, Washington, DC. Contact: Vivian Chen (202-693-3187; or

June 27 - 29 -- WIA Readiness Review One-Stop Workgroup Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Contact: Maria Kniesler (202-693-3046;

June 27 -- National Summit on Transition Briefing for Senior Federal Staff, Washington, D.C.

July 16 - 18 -- Jett*Con 2001, Baltimore, MD. Contact: or Gardner Carrick; (202-693-3689; .

July 22 - 27 -- Youth Opportunity Grants Leadership Institute, Leesburg, VA. Three-hundred fifty participants from YOG sites have confirmed attendance. Contact: David Lah (202-693-3604;



ETA will establish/revise administrative procedures and/or regulations on how to address research misconduct. New procedures must be implemented by December 6, 2001. Contact: Jim Woods (202.693.3641) or

On-line copies of the May/June 2001 eWorkforce newsletter can now be accessed at Contact: Harvey Ollis (202.693.3699) or

The 21st Century Workforce Summit will be held June 20 at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. Representatives from business, labor, academics and government leaders are expected to attend. The Summit will address the structural changes that are affecting our workforce and our economy by focusing on: (a) The skills gap within the workforce; (b) The demographic changes facing the workforce; and (c) The future of the workplace. Contact: or

Applications are now available for the 2001 Criteria for Workforce Excellence Network (WEN). Contact any member of the Workforce Excellence Staff on 202-693-2990 or