Workforce Investment Act Operations Bulletin

Volume 1, Number 1

April 13, 2001

(For Internal Use Only)


The Cost Allocation and Resource Sharing Guidance is currently under review by several Federal Partners and OMB. Contact: Edward Donahue (202-693-3157;

Older Americans Act Amendments: An issue paper was presented to the Policy Team for discussion regarding the amended Title V allocation formula that would provide the territories with approximately $80,000 in additional funds. At issue is the question: Should the additional funds be provided to the territories, and if so, which "pot" of funds should be used? The Policy Team recommended the paper be submitted to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for a decision. Contact: Ric Larisch (202-693-3742;

The Philadelphia Regional Office shared a document with the Policy Team outlining the question: Is it an allowable use of State Rapid Response funds to support positions for the Employment Service staff who provide services to UI claimants identified through profiling? Contact: Kit Donahue (215-861-5221;

Competitive grants were announced under the Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship initiative targeted to incumbent and prospective professional youth workers working directly with young people. Available funding is $1.45 million dollars for three categories. Application deadline is May 11, 2001. For more information:

TEGL 16-00 (March 19, 2001) announced the "Availability of Funds to Support Planning Projects that Enhance Youth Connections and Access to the One-Stop System." Grants of up to $20,000 will be awarded to 12 to 15 eligible Local Workforce Investment Boards to support planning projects for Local Workforce Investment Boards and Youth Councils to enhance youth connections and access to the One-Stop delivery system. Application deadline is April 25, 2001. For more information: or contact Laura Heald (202-693-3592;

Approved Waivers

New Waiver Request

Technical Assistance and Training

Jett Con 2001: Three panels met the week of April 9th to analyze over 200 proposals for the Tools and Technology, Access and Accessibility, and Bringing WIA To Life tracks . The Regions were also provided copies of the proposal and asked to provide feedback. Contact Gardner Carrick ; (202-693-3689;

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC): ETA and RSA have funded DBTACs to provide technical assistance on disability awareness, physical and programmatic access, assistive technology, and the ADA to local One-Stops. The DBTACs reported greater success when working closely with ETA regional offices. For more information, please contact Scherrone Dunhamn (202- 693-3744;

Upcoming ETA Meetings

April 29-May 3: YO! Grantee Meeting

May 7-9: STW State Directors Meeting

Washington, DC


The District of Columbia submitted a modification to its 5-Year Strategic Stand-Alone Plan, in the form of the Unified Plan. Ten Programs/Activities are indicated. Partner programs include: Food Stamps, Vocational Rehabilitation, Postsecondary Vocational Education and Adult Education and Family Literacy. Contact: Bonnie Coe (202-693-2918;

PY 2001 State allotments for youth activities (as well as a comparison with PY 2000 allotments) are posted at:


ETA is exploring ways to partner with the Association of American Public Television Station's Community Partners. States such as Kentucky and New Jersey already have active partnerships between their workforce systems and their public television stations. More information will be posted on website. Contact Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045;

As part of an ongoing effort to link with the WtW porgram, Maria Kniesler and Bonnie Coe facilitated two resource clinic's on the WtW Forum on Non-Custodial Parents (NCP) in Baltimore, Maryland. The clinics focused on the linkages between NCP programs and the workforce investment system. Specific topics of discussion included work-first, definitions of self-sufficiency, and increasing One-Stop staff's awareness of NCP needs. Contacts Maria Kniesler (202-693-3045; or Bonnie Coe (202-693-2918;


Community Audit Demonstration Project (SGA/DFA00-110): All reviews have been completed and the agency is awaiting the decision on when to release information on those selected. Applicants can be given can be given status report. Contact Joan Burchell (202-693-3542;

OPA will be coordinating the ETA agency exhibit for the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute Annual Conference. Scheduled for April 21-24 in San Jose, the conference organizers are expecting more than 400 participants. Contact Jim Templeton; (202-466-8010, ext. 539) or

The Budget was announced on April 9th. Information will be provided under separate cover to each Regional Administrator. Contact: Jack Rapport (202-693-2742; JRapport@doletagov).